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Improving the modern equipment Mens dies : Hawking


Dhaka: long illness, the world-famous scientist Stephen Hawking, the intelligent instrument of discovery will pave the way for the destruction of mankind. He said in an interview with the BBC, Artificial intelijnse (AI) or a mechanical understanding of the progress is likely to happen in the end people will come forward. To communicate with people who use an instrument which he eaiyera a primary instrument.

Nervous system is affected by a particular disease, cirrhosis, this theoretical physicist ayatrophika lateral body numb. He said that through the devices. Professor Hawking says, eaiyera early discovery of the men feel quite handy. But equal to or more than human intelligence, knowing the device will be discovered in the future, he is afraid of me.

The evolution of human progress is gradual. As a result, they (with equipment) will not be able to compete and survive. And the back of the stage.

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