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Internet 5 G facility Coming soon

5G logo new

Dhaka: The Chinese manufacturers and research institutes in the Technology Network, Huawei now the fifth generation (5 g), the network has announced. And for a very long time, but since coming ২0২0 commercial phaibhajira network allows you to enjoy the smart customers.

Meanwhile, Huawei's 00 people in research and development of a karigaridala 5 G network is working. However, the overall development of the technologies, Huawei has to refrain from any comment on the situation now.

The Huawei 5 Ji Tong's research, a representative of the coming of the Internet ২0২0 look at the world today, in general, difficult to guess. During this time, hundreds of billions of people across the world's oceans wireless data release. The speed is not faster than a dream. Fans of the Internet and wireless technologies and will live in. The fiber optic cable will be nearly extinct.

The phaibhaji (5 g) to speed up the Internet network technology over 10GB seconds. Today at the maximum speed of more than 100 percent will ensure speed.

Meanwhile, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung has started working with 5-G networks. In commercially ২0২0 They are smart consumers can be reached in the network.

Huawei LTE high-speed train in the world through a network of wireless Internet service providers. Download speeds of 50 Mbit network progression at the moment that second (emabipaesa).

However, in the upcoming ২0২0 phaibhaji (5 G) networks far exceed anything at all. Analysts says so in the world of online financial transactions ২0২0 be under the control of the Internet. So wait for the world to see the new one.